“Our Vision-Developing to Developed Nation”

India is a land of talent.Our nation’s have”Unity among Diversity”.There are more creative and talented people of diverse backgrounds.There are many wonderful things India has given to world.From 0 to first university,from snakes and ladders to shampoo.Our nation is quite the Santa Clause.We have lot of creative people in our nation with uniqueness.Our scriptures contain lot of knowledge for those people who are striving for success.Many uncure disease is cured by Homeopathy.Indian’s talent not only working in India but also giving their knowledge in foreign countries.12% scientist’s and 38% doctors in the US are Indian’s,and in NASA 36%,34% employee at Microsoft,28% at IBM,17% at Intel and 13% at Xerox are Indian’s.20% of the Gold in the world is used by Indian’s and Nine out of 10 diamonds used in the world are made in India.

As you all know the world has many developed countries and many developing countries.India is today a developing country and we have a vision to transform India into a developed nation by 2020 using technology,our talented manpower and our natural resources.Using our technology and resources we candouble our GDP growth,reaching toward developed nation we have to improve our Agriculture system and food processing for doubling the present production of food and agricultural product’s.Agro food processing industry would lead to the prosperity of rural people,food scarcity and speed up the economic growth.Should be proper infrastructure provided in rural area with all amenities.Providing social security and eradication of illiteracy and providing a good health for all beyond their income level.ICT should be used for e-commerce,tele-education,e-governance in remote areas for educating peoples.Tourism industry has a tremendous prospect for wealth generation.
India is moving from brain drain to brain gain to brain calculation.Now it is strongly believed that India is a becoming landf opportunity like FDI.It is rapidly becoming a global research design and development hub.
By-Lalita Rajput