7th pay commission: Two-fold increase in deputation allowance for central government employees

Finally, a spot of good news for central government employees, reportedly numbering around Rs 48 lakh: Their deputation (duty) allowance is going to jump up significantly. According to an order issued by the Department of Personnel and Training, the allowance has been more than doubled to Rs 4,500 from the existing Rs 2,000 per month, in case of deputation within the same station. This move is based on the recommendation of the 7th central pay commission.
“In case of deputation within the same station, the allowance will be payable at the rate of 5% of basic pay subject to a maximum of Rs 4,500 per month,” said a statement from the ministry. The order, issued last Friday, also mentioned that deputation allowance will be payable at the rate of 10% of basic pay, subject to a maximum of Rs 9,000 per month, for deputations in another station. Previously, the celling for deputation in a different city was Rs 4,000. “The ceilings will further rise by 25% each time dearness allowance is increased by 50 per cent,” it added.
Earlier this week, central government employees vying for an increase in their minimum salaries were left disappointed after media reports cited Ministry of Finance sources claiming that the government had no such plans. The 7th Pay Commission had recommended a fitment factor of 2.57, which took the minimum wages of union government staff from Rs 7,000 to Rs 18,000 a month. But for the past 18-odd months, government staff unions have been calling for the fitment factor to be increased to 3.68, which would hike their minimum basic pay to Rs 26,000. Several employee unions had even staged a three-day dharna earlier this month to push their agenda.
The recent news about the deputation allowance hike may bring some relief to the agitated employees. In the meantime, a delegation is reportedly seeking a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the minimum wage hike once his hectic schedule clears up.