Apple iPhone 12 camera upgrade could bring Google Pixel 4’s marquee feature, but better

Apple iPhone 12 series is set to come with a slew of upgraded features, especially in the camera department. The revamped camera module will not only allow better photography but also bring an improved Face ID performance and enable air gestures as well.

Apple’s iPhone 12 will have a new Time of Flight (ToF) camera sensor to deliver the said all-around enhancements, reports Patently Apple. According to a patent bagged by Apple, the upgraded ToF camera will help capture up to 4x the data compared to the current and older technologies such as 3D scanning.

The revamped module will help deliver a faster and more accurate Face ID. It could also see applications such as improved AR experience and better indoor navigation. The technology may further help Apple’s iPhone 12 deliver better portrait images with a more qualitative blur background or bokeh effect.

“Because of its clarity of depth, it could also enable and usher in what’s known as in-air gesturing for the iPhone and in vehicles in the future,” says Patently Apple in its report.

That said, in-air gestures are not a new concept. The technology is already available to Google Pixel 4 owners. The catch is that Google may have not been able to implement the technology well enough as many users pointed out issues with the gesture controls. Google is said to have abandoned the feature for its upcoming flagship smartphone.

Apple’s iPhone 12 series will debut in October this year. Apple could unveil at least four variants of the iPhone 12 including a compact 5.4-inch model. The 5G models will also feature OLED screens.