AutoPortal – Automobile industry tracker

India is the 10th largest automobile industry in the world. Cars are something that Indians cannot do without. But where do you get all the information about cars, their specifications and other details?

Born in the East European nation of Ukraine,  AutoPortal  became hugely successful and carved a niche for itself in a very short period. In order to explore other emerging markets, Anton Rublevskyy, one of the founders of the company, decided to bring the company to India. India is a huge market for cars and this well organized platform hopes to offer accurate and reliable information related to cars under one roof. started its Indian innings in November 2013.

But what makes AutoPortal stand out from the many other car portals. AutoPortal brings in a plethora of reliable information to a platform which is managed by a group of car enthusiasts themselves. AutoPortal has won the trust of both the users and the industry experts alike.

Whether anyone is looking for an old or used car, or wants to purchase a top end car, or just wants to keep abreast of the latest happenings in the car industry, AutoPortal offers the best information to everyone.

AutoPortal is well segmented and easy to navigate. The site contains a huge catalogue of cars that are currently on sale in India, complete with details about variants, expert reviews, images and video gallery, ex-showroom prices in various cities across the country, even insurance and finance options, and lucrative offers.

In this short span of less than three years, has quickly picked up the reins and has managed to become one of the leading car portals in the Indian automotive.

AutoPortal keeps current updates on new car launches in India in aim to offer excellent car research assistance to our users. One can also get cars on-road prices, ex-showroom prices, pictures and detailed specifications of all the cars. We even give spy shots of the cars, clicked by our users. With its user friendly design the portal promises to give out best information about latest cars in India, car prices in India, new cars, expert car reviews and almost everything that you want to know as a car enthusiast.