Elon Musk to challenge ChatGPT with new AI startup. All you need to know

Based on newly emerged business documents, Elon Musk has established an artificial intelligence company called X.AI Corporation in the state of Nevada in the United States.

According to media reports, the documents, discovered on Friday, show Musk’s name listed as the director of the company, which was founded on March 9th, as per the state’s business filing. This is in addition to Musk’s current roles as the CEO of Twitter and Tesla.

Earlier, the Financial Times reported on Friday that billionaire Elon Musk is working on launching an artificial intelligence start-up that will rival ChatGPT-maker OpenAI, citing people familiar with his plans.

Recently, Musk merged Twitter with a newly created shell company called “X”, retaining the brand name but not the underlying business. This move is seen as a potential competitor to OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, despite Musk’s previous call for a pause in AI development.
Musk has reportedly invested in powerful computing processors and hired engineering talent for an AI project at Twitter, while also implementing significant cost-cutting measures, including layoffs.

It’s worth noting that the founding date of X.AI predates Musk’s involvement in an open letter advocating for a six-month pause in the development of powerful AI systems, which was published on the website of the Future of Life Institute, a venture funded by Musk.

Companies from Microsoft Corp to Alphabet Inc are pushing to incorporate Generative AI, the technology behind chatbot sensation ChatGPT, into their offerings.

The billionaire Tesla chief and other luminaries wrote that “AI systems with human-competitive intelligence can pose profound risks to society and humanity.”

Musk has secured thousands of graphics processing units, systems that power the computing required for intensive tasks such as AI and high-end graphics, from Nvidia Corp, according to FT. Shares of the chip company, which declined to comment on the matter, gained on the news on Friday.

Musk recently registered a company called X.AI Corp in Nevada, where he is listed as the sole director and Jared Birchall, the managing director of Musk’s family office, as the secretary, according to state filings.

It is unclear if this company is connected to Musk’s reported AI start-up endeavors, and Musk has not responded to a request for comment from Reuters. Musk was one of the co-founders of OpenAI, which was originally established as a non-profit in 2015, but he resigned from the company’s board in 2018.