Google Pay India picks up a tweaked design in beta with Flutter rewrite

Google Pay’s Indian edition has been growing strong, and even expanded overseas recently to bring a similar experience to shoppers in Singapore. The app got a Material design facelift not too long ago and picked up a much-requested payment option just yesterday. Keeping up with that pace, Google has now rewritten the Pay India app from the ground up, bringing a few visual tweaks along with a host of under-the-hood changes to beta users.

The latest open beta version of Google Pay India is now based on Flutter — Google’s own cross-platform application framework that, in a nutshell, makes it easier for developers to write multi-platform apps. Stadia’s mobile apps, for instance, were created using Flutter and Dart. Google took up the herculean task of rewriting a constantly evolving app like Pay to ensure interface uniformity across Android and iOS while also making the deployment flow more efficient.

While all that happens under the hood, this beta does bring some visible changes to end-users in the form of a slightly tweaked UI. Google Pay’s in-app features themselves remain unchanged, though their look and feel has received a facelift, as you can see in the comparative screenshots below. You’ll notice that the Offers, Rewards, and Settings pages have all undergone a redesign, while Google’s trademark Product Sans font is abundantly used across the board.