No salary, payments? 56 IndiGo staff go on strike against airline in Varanasi; here are details

Nearly 56 staffers of IndiGo’s ground handling agency this morning went on a strike over issues related to payments and salaries, causing “minor” difficulties for airport authorities here. The airline in a statement said that they were looking into “a solution for the concerns raised by the staff of their ground handling agency”. Though there were “minor difficulties in dealing with IndiGo passengers due to the striking staff”, services at the airport were not disrupted, Director, Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, Varanasi, Anil Kumar Rai said. Fifty-six support personnel of the airline went on a strike around 6:30 am over some issue, without giving airport officials the seven days mandatory prior notice. This could prompt legal action, he said.

Rai also warned that legal action would also be taken if they do not resume work at the earliest. He said that a clarification will be also sought from them on why they went on a strike without giving the mandatory notice. IndiGo said, “We are actively looking into a solution for the concerns raised by the staff of our ground handling agency, GV India Services at Varanasi Airport.”

“IndiGo follows a regular payment cycle for its ground handling agents and our payments have remained compliant and up to date throughout the duration of our operations at Varanasi. “We have asked GV India Services for an explanation with respect to the concerns raised by its staff and we will assist the ground handling agency in resolving these at the earliest,” the airline said.

The airport director said, “The services at the airport were not disrupted and all the operations continued here.” He said that a meeting was held between the striking staff and the airline management and hoped that they had agreed to resume services. The airport director said that if they still do not resume the services then a strict action would be taken against them. IndiGo said, “We assure our esteemed passengers that operations shall remain normal and our flights shall continue to operate as per schedule.”