Government may approve Tesla by January 2024: Meeting held in PM office regarding next phase of EV manufacturing in the country

The government can give all the necessary approvals to Elon Musk’s electric car manufacturing company ‘Tesla’ to set up a manufacturing unit in India by January 2024. For this, the government department is working rapidly. Economics Times (ET) has given this information in one of its reports.

According to the report, this information has come after a high level meeting held in the Prime Minister’s Office on Monday, in which the next phase of electric vehicle manufacturing in the country including Tesla’s investment proposal was discussed.

The meeting was held on general policy matters.
ET quoted an official as saying that the meeting held at the Prime Minister’s Office on Monday was mainly on general policy matters, but also on fast-tracking Tesla’s proposed investment in the country by January 2024. Approval was a major agenda.

Musk wants to set up car manufacturing and battery storage factory in India.
Elon Musk’s EV manufacturing company Tesla wants to make and sell battery storage systems along with electric cars in India. The company has given a proposal to the Indian authorities for this.

There was a meeting with the Central Government on May 17.
According to media reports, Tesla officials had a meeting with Indian Government officials on May 17. In this meeting, the company had expressed its desire to set up a manufacturing unit to make electric cars in India.

Officials had told the Tesla team that the government is ready to give time to establish the domestic vendor base, but Tesla will have to give a confirmed time slot for this.

Musk met Prime Minister Modi in June this year.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New York in June this year. After this meeting, Musk said- India has more possibilities than any other big country in the world. I am excited about the future of India. I am a fan of Modi. It was a great meeting and I like him a lot.

PM Modi also tweeted the picture of this meeting and wrote – ‘It was a great meeting with you today, Elon Musk. We discussed issues ranging from energy to spirituality.
Last year there were no talks between Tesla and the government

Last year, Tesla had expressed its desire to come to India, but talks could not be reached between the company and the government. Tesla had demanded the government to reduce the import duty on fully assembled vehicles from 100% to 40%.
The company wanted its vehicles to be considered electric vehicles and not luxury, but the government had said that it had no intention of waiving or reducing the import duty on any electric vehicles imported from other countries.
The government had said that if Tesla commits to setting up a manufacturing plant in India, then exemption on imports will be considered. However, Musk wanted that cars should be sold in India first, after which the idea of ​​setting up a plant would be considered.
Also replying in a tweet on May 27, 2022, Elon Musk had said, ‘Tesla will not set up a manufacturing plant at any location where it does not already have permission to sell and service cars.’