11 Steps Guide to Smart Online Shopping (Simple Effective Tips That Work)

Witnessing a consistent growth of 30% right since 2009, Online Shopping in India will reach a user base of 500 m shoppers by 2030. Considering that, it becomes important to learn all the basics of smart online shopping including how to find the best online deals, what to look for when shopping online, and more. So whether you’re a seasoned shopper or just starting out, this comprehensive guide covers all the key aspects of smart shopping through simple, and easy to do things. Read on to get started!

  1. Read reviews from multiple sites for balanced feedback

Before you even think about shelling out your hard-earned cash on anything online, it is important to do your research. This means combing through multiple reviews from different sites to get a balanced perspective on the product. By doing this, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not the product is worth your money.

Additionally, be sure to read the reviews from people who have actually used the product. This will give you a better idea of whether or not it is compatible with your needs and lifestyle. Be sure to ask questions if you are unclear about something, as many sellers are happy to help.

  1. Try comparing the price of that product on various websites

One of the best ways to save money on online shopping is to compare the price of that product on various websites. This will allow you to find the best deal, whether it be for a product that you are looking to buy outright or for a product that you are looking to rent or lease. This is especially important when it comes to expensive items, as you can save a lot of money by finding the best deal online. Some of the popular price comparison websites in India include MySmartPrice, Junglee, PriceDekho, CompareRaja, and SmartPrix.

  1. Time your shopping with sales seasons

One of the best ways to save money and time when shopping online is to shop during sales season. This is when retailers have reduced prices on select items in order to clear inventory and make room for new products. This is a great time to purchase items that you would normally wait to purchase, as the prices will be lower than usual.

For shopping in India, the best time is between October and November during festivals of Diwali, Dussehra, Navratri, and Dhanteras. Popular sales seasons in the US include Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Mother’s Day.

  1. Leave items in your cart for a day or two to get last minute discounts

It’s always a good idea to leave items in your cart for a day or two to get last minute discounts. By leaving items in your cart for a day or two, you will often get last minute deals that you would not be able to find any other way. This is because retailers know that you are likely to buy the item if it is in your cart, so they are more likely to offer discounts.

  1. Make a budget for your online shopping to avoid online temptations

Before you even think about beginning your online shopping journey, it is important to create a budget. This way, you will know exactly how much money you are allow to spend, and you will be less likely to get lured into expensive purchases. Additionally, setting a budget will help you to stick to your shopping goals, and it can also serve as a motivational tool.

  1. Always search for coupons before making the final purchase

When shopping online, it is always a good idea to use coupons. Not only will you save money, but you will also be able to find quality items at a discounted price. Search for online coupons at your favorite websites, and then clip the coupon before you shop. If you’re not sure whether or not the coupon is valid, use the retailer’s online coupon policy to find out.

Here are 3 tips for using online coupons in India:

  • Don’t wait: The best deals tend to be available fast and often, so be sure to check the site regularly for new offers.
  • Sign up for newsletters and mailing lists: Be sure to sign up for newsletters and mailing lists to get notified about new offers and discounts.
  • Check for loyalty cards and vouchers: Many retailers offer loyalty cards and vouchers that can be used in conjunction with online coupons.
  1. Buy through mobile app to avail app-exclusive offers

One of the best ways to save money online is by using mobile app-exclusive offers. By doing this, you will be able to access deals that are only available through the app. This can include discounts on products, free shipping, and other exclusive bonuses.

  1. Create more than one account for better deals (SPOILER: new users get better deals)

If you’re like most people, you use a single account to shop online. But that’s not always the best way to go about it. By creating more than one account, you can get better deals on the items you’re looking for. Not only that, but you can also use different accounts to buy different things, which can save you time and money. For example, you might use one account to buy groceries and another to buy clothes. This way, you never have to worry about running out of one item and having to go shopping for another.

  1. Review the shopping site’s return and refund policies

Before you make a purchase, it can be a good thing to understand the return and refund policies of the retailer you are shopping with. Return policies can vary greatly, so it is important to read the fine print to ensure that you have the coverage you need. In addition, if there is something wrong with your purchase, it is important to know which steps you need to take in order to get a refund.

  1. Check minimum order value for availing free delivery

One of the best ways to save money when shopping online is to get free delivery. This can be achieved by placing an order above the minimum order value. This way, you will not have to pay for shipping and handling.

  1. Follow your favorite brand on their social-media platforms to stay updated with upcoming offers

Following your favorite brand on social media platforms can be a great way to stay up to date on upcoming offers. This way, you will not have to miss out on any deals and can easily take advantage of any discounts that are available. Additionally, you can also get to know the company better and learn more about their values and mission. This can help you make a more informed decision when it comes to buying their products.


We hope that by following the 11 simple steps outlined in this blog, you’ll be able to shop smarter and save more money than ever before. With so many deals and discounts available online, there’s no reason not to try out this new-found convenience! Stay tuned for more helpful tips and tricks to make your online shopping experience even better!


An avid online shopper himself, Rajat Kumar loves performing deep research on all sorts of products and recommending the best ones out. He is a military brat who enjoys cooking, loves doing pet’s photography, and watching all sorts of documentaries on various trending topics.