12 doctors die in Madhya Pradesh in the second wave of corona in April-May

BHOPAL: Twelve doctors died in Madhya Pradesh in the second wave of coronavirus in the month of April-May. Two of the doctors were from Bhopal, four from Gwalior and one doctor from Ujjain, besides one each from Hoshangabad and Indore.

In Bhopal, Dr Gurmit Singh, ophthalmologist, died. He was undergoing treatment in National Hospital. Jawahar Lal Gas Relief Hospital’s dental surgeon, Dr Udai Singh, died while undergoing treatment in Chirayu Hospital. Both died on May 18.

GRMC’s PSM demonstrator Dr Apeksha Bhale died. Besides, Dr Devendra Singhare posted at JAH, died. Both were detected corona-positive on May 6. Both were undergoing medical treatment in Super-Specialty Hospital.

Senior surgeon of Ujjain KK Kawal was admitted to a hospital in Indore. He died due to corona while undergoing medical treatment.

Besides, a doctor from Hoshangabad and another from Indore died due to corona in April. The Hoshangabad doctor died in AIIMS, while Indore’s Dr Abhishek Singh also died due to corona infection.

‘Four leading doctors dead’

“Twelve doctors have died during the second wave of coronavirus in Madhya Pradesh. Dr SR Sharma and Dr Dubey of Gwalior also died due to corona, in addition to Dr Bhale and Dr Singhare posted at JAH.”- Dr Devendra Goswami, president of the MP Medical Officers’ Association

‘Second wave more deadly’

“This time, many doctors have died during the second wave of coronavirus, which is proving more dangerous and more lethal than the first wave. It’ll continue to be dangerous until India attains herd immunity through vaccination and Covid infection.”- Dr Lalit Shrivastava, former president, MP Medical Officers’ Association.