400 people tested corona positive after taking both vaccine doses during 2nd wave, say experts

Bhopal: Even after having both the doses of Covid vaccine, about 400 people tested Covid positive during second wave in Madhya Pradesh, medical experts said. They tested corona positive after four to five days of taking second dose while immunity starts building after 14 days of second dose or 44 days of first dose. However, none of 400 people died.

The fact that many people tested corona positive after receiving both the doses shocked people many but medical experts encouraged people to go for timely vaccinations.

While the partial protection against Covid may start as soon as 12 days after the first dose, this protection is likely to be short lived. The second dose encourages the body to create stronger protection (immunity) against SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19.

What does NHM say?

National Health Mission state immunisation officer Dr Santosh Shukla said immunity formation starts after 44 days of first dose or 14 days of second dose. Vaccination is must for protection from virus infection. Immunity formation also depends on how much immunity a human body already has.

None died

Dr Lokendra Dave, Medical Superintendent of Hamidia Hospital, said immunity is generated after 14 days of second dose of vaccine. “So, technically, we may say that people get infected with coronavirus even after two doses of vaccines. But practically, they were infected after first dose as second dose starts generating or boosting immunity after 14 days. In Hamidia Hospital, we came across nearly 70 patients who tested corona positive even after second dose of vaccines and this figure may be approximately 400 in state. However, none of 400 people died,” he added.