AAP coming up with Obama-style tracker to let people rate the govt

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government may not have modelled its poll campaign on the lines of the US presidential campaign that was followed by the BJP managers, but the party has decided to adopt an accountablility monitor used for Obama.

The Delhi government is collaborating with Stanford University to create a manifesto tracker, which is expected to be launched in December, a senior government official privy to the decision told HT.

The online tracker will help people to update and rate the government on the parameters of how much it has succeeded in delivering on its key poll promises.

The official said the university would provide the technical know-how to the government and the tracker would function as a feedback mechanism for the decision and policy makers.

The US tracker was replicated by a group of Egyptian activists who had created the ‘Morsi Meter’, for the new Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.

“The manifesto tracker will keep an eye on the promises made by the AAP in its election manifesto. But we are making it better. Ours would be a two-way system in which the government will also use the tracker to let people know the development on the projects it has been undertaking. This will truly democratise the political system, make the government accountable to the people and elevate politics above just winning elections,” said Roshan Shankar, advisor to the Delhi government.

Apart from telling people whether a particular promise has been fulfilled or not, the tracker would also provide information as to why the promise has not been kept or the reasons for delay.

“It will be integrated with the Delhi government’s website and all notifications regarding implementation of our policies would be put up on the tracker,” said a senior Delhi government official. Citizens would also be able to post their grievances with regard to the manifesto promises. “For example, if somebody has not been able to avail the benefit of half power bills promise — which we have delivered on — they may write to us,” the official said.

Soon after coming to power, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had asked all departments to work on the 70-point action plan, as promised by AAP in its manifesto.