All well in Nath Govt, says Digvijay

After the midnight political drama in Madhya Pradesh, senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh reached Bhopal claiming all was well in the Kamal Nath Government.

Singh was talking to media persons at Raja Bhoj airport Bhopal on Friday morning. Sources also claimed that Congress party has instructed all the party MLA and allies to remain present in the State capital.

When asked whether there was any threat to Kamal Nath government, Digvijay Singh claimed the government will last for complete five years. Earlier, the BJP used to say that this government would not last for three months, six months and see we have successfully run the government for over a year.

The senior leader also bolstered the rumours of a cabinet expansion saying it should take place after the budget session of the assembly.

The former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister also stood his ground on his horse trading charges claiming he never levels any allegations without evidences.

Singh, who replied to most of the queries jovially, lost his cool on questions pertaining to horse trading charges and several MLA refuting these theories.

Claimed that BSP MLA Sanjeev Singh Kushwaha and SP MLA Rajesh Shukla were not present in the hotel where the MLAs from Madhya Pradesh were taken to in Gurugram.

Notably, contrary to Digvijay Singh’s horse trading allegations, BSP and SP MLA upon their return in Bhopal had refuted these charges saying they had gone to New Delhi on their own and did not receive any offer from the BJP.

Senior Minister Govind Singh however claimed that Kamal Nath was a leader and would do anything under any pressure, on being asked about cabinet expansion.

Meanwhile, sources said that independent MLA Surendra Singh Shera along with two others has left Bengaluru. He has claimed that he was vacationing in Bengaluru and going to Delhi from where he would return to Bhopal on Saturday.

He stated that he was very much in contact with the chief minister and soon after return, he would meet him.