Anti CAA protest in Indore: Swara Bhaskar targets RSS, Digvijaya Singh asks not to show documents

Indore: Film actress Swara Bhaskar on Sunday targeted the BJP led Union government accusing it of indulging in ‘sasti nasha’ (cheap intoxicant) of spreading hate and trying to divide the nation on the basis of religion.

Addressing an anti-CAA rally organised by Bhagat Singh Diwane Brigade at Mahalaxmi Nagar ground, she said, “Government is taking cheap intoxicant of hatred. They are being guided from Nagpur (RSS headquarters). They send their children to foreign countries for studies, but give guns and lathis to your children to ensure that their future is in jail.”

Bhaskar said that those sitting in Nagpur will not be deciding on our citizenship.

She said that she has not come to address the rally as an actress but as a citizen on the country who is loyal to the Constitution.

Anti CAA protest in Indore: Swara Bhaskar targets RSS, Digvijaya Singh asks not to show documents
“We have been forgetting that we should be loyal to the Constitution and to the country’s soil and not to any government, as governments come and go. We have unity in diversity and this is our speciality,” she said.

The actress also targeted Delhi police over the violence in Jamia University and said that she is thankful to MP police for allowing them to hold the rally while their counterparts in Delhi have forgotten that they should be loyal to the Constitution and not to the government.

Praising the leadership of Devi Ahilya Bai, Bhaskar said, “She had beautifully nourished culture and tradition in Indore and Malwa but today’s government has become a danger for the Constitution. We had chosen them with over 300 seats but they are now started dividing us.”

She also targeted Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman by saying that she had given a long speech on budget which made the Sensex fall down as nobody understand what she said.

Intruders are in government’s mind

Swara Bhaskar said that the government’s logic for bringing CAA, NPR and NRC is that there are many intruders in our country.

“Intruders are in government’s mind. They are obsessed with Pakistan and see its hand everywhere. It appears to be a one-sided love affair with Pakistan. They call us anti-national but are giving citizenship and Padmashri to Pakistani singer Adnan Sami,” she added.

She also called NCR in Assam as a failed project in which many Hindus were removed from citizenship due to which government is trying to give them a back door entry through CAA.

One who was brought up by eating poha is now calling poha lovers Bangladeshi

Criticising BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya for his comments on ‘poha eating Bangaldeshi’, she said that one who had been brought up eating poha is now calling poha lovers as Bangladeshi”

“I want to ask Kailash Vijayvargiya, “Kaunsa Nasha Phoonkte ho Uncle” (which drug do you take)

I will not show any document: Digvijaya Singh

Addressing the rally, former chief minister Digvijaya Singh said, “We have done everything you ask and even given our fingerprints for Adhaar Card. You have everything about us and now I will not show any document to prove my citizen.”

He said that Gandhi and Ambedkar’s ideology will work in the country not the ideology of Godse and Savarkar.

Earlier, social activist Medha Patkar too addressed the rally and protested against CAA, NPR and NRC.

Organiser Anand Mohan Mathur let people pledge to follow the Constitution along will appealing to them for not showing any papers to anyone for proving their citizenship.

Which party did you vote for: Swara to sound technician

Following some technical issues in the microphone through which Bhaskar was addressing the rally, she asked the sound technician which party he had voted for in the elections.

“He does not like me, and I think he has an inclination towards BJP due to which he is not letting me speak,” she said while microphone stopped working during her address.

Kid leads protest with Azaadi slogans

Large number of people, especially of Muslim community, gathered at Mahalaxmi ground for the rally. People from Khajrana, Barwali Chowki, Gulzar Colony, and other areas were present in large number.

Meanwhile, a 12-year-old kid Sayyed Salman Ali led the protest with the slogans of Azaadi and had become the centre of attraction for all. Large number of Muslim women too participated in the rally.