Asked to vacate government bungalow in Delhi, Priyanka Gandhi likely to move to Lucknow

After receiving notice from the Centre to vacate the bungalow at Lodhi Estate in Delhi, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi is now planning for a new political move. Sources close to Priyanka said that she will now shift to Uttar Pradesh and will stay in a bungalow in Lucknow.

According to reports, Priyanka is now preparing to build her base in Lucknow, keeping in mind the 2022 Assembly election in the state. She is expected to shift to ‘Kaul House’ in Lucknow. This bungalow belongs to Indira Gandhi’s aunt Sheela Kaul. Sheila Kaul was also a minister in the Union Cabinet and was a very popular leader of the Congress. The repair work of ‘Kaul House’ in Lucknow has been completed.
Priyanka’s decision to shift from Delhi to Lucknow is also considered important for electoral preparation. She wants to spend more and more time in different districts of Uttar Preadesh by staying in Lucknow before the election. Sources said that this will gove her more time to prepare for Uttar Pradesh Assembly poll. It may be recalled that Indira Gandhi also came to Lucknow with her husband Feroze Gandhi after her marriage and lived in a bungalow on AP Sen Road near Charbagh railway station.

The Centre on Wednesday cancelled the government accommodation allotted to Priyanka Gandhi with the direction to vacate the house within one month i.e. August 1.

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) had informed vide its communication dated June 30 that Priyanka has been assigned Z+ security with CRPF cover on the all-India basis, which does not have any provision for allotment or retention of government accommodation on that ground. She is not an SPG protectee now. Priyanka was allotted Bangalow No 35, Lodhi Estate on February 21, 1997, on security ground as an SPG protectee.

As per records, Priyanka has accumulated dues of Rs 3,46,677 as on June 30 and she has been issued noticed to clear these dues and rent for the period she vacates the accommodation. According to Urban Development Ministry sources, she has made online payment of balance amount due to her. Hence, now dues as on June 30 is nil against her.