Baghel slams seer for abusing Mahatma Gandhi

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Monday condemned Hindu religious leader Kalicharan Maharaj who used abusive language against Mahatma Gandhi and hailed Nathuram Godse for killing him. 

“If anyone thinks that he will succeed in their plan with hate speech and by spitting venom, then it is only their illusion,” Baghel tweeted. 

A FIR no 578/2021 has been registered against the “fake saint” under sections 505(2), 294 of IPC at Tikarapara police station in Raipur for abusing Mahatma Gandhi and strict action will be taken against him as per the Constitution, Baghel said. 

Kalicharan, while delivering a speech at a Dharma Sansad in Raipur on Sunday, said people should elect a staunch Hindu leader as the head of the government in order to protect Hindu religion.

He used an abusive word against Mahatma Gandhi, drawing flak from the leaders of the Congress party.

Kalicharan said: “What is our prime duty – to save religion. We should elect a staunch Hindu king in the government irrespective of any party he or she belongs to… I salute Nathuram Godse that he killed Gandhi.”

Reacting sharply, former Congress MLA and Chairman of Chhattisgarh Gau Seva Ayog Mahant Ramsundar Das, who shared the dais, such abusive words should not be used against the Father of the Nation.

“Mahatma Gandhi, who sacrificed everything for the country’s independence, is being described as a traitor. I want to ask the organizer why he didn’t object when such words were used… I am sorry but I am disassociating myself from this event,” Das said and left the podium.

Asked about Kalicharan’s remarks, Neelkanth Tripathi, the organizer of the event, said he disagrees with the statement.