Bank of Baroda customers alert! Cheque payment rules will change from THIS date

New Delhi: Bank of Baroda has recently issued a new notification for its customers regarding the stringent rules of cheque payment that is going kick in from the beginning of next month.

Sharing the information from its official Twitter account, Bank of Baroda said that from June 1, the bank is going to make Positive Pay confirmation mandatory. Under this, if the payment of more than Rs 2 lakh is made through cheque, then the customer will have to confirm again. The transaction will be completed only when this process completes. Otherwise the cheque will be cancelled.

Cheque payment will have to be confirmed twice

In the notification issued by the Bank of Baroda, it has been said that confirmation can be done by the bank for cheque worth more than Rs 50,000. Customers can give confirmation by net banking, mobile banking, branch phone or SMS on 8422009988. For this, it will be necessary to share the name of the beneficiary, the amount (in rupees), the date of the cheque when it was issued, the amount numbers, the account number and the cheque number.

In accordance with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) order, BOB introduced the Centralized Positive Pay System (CPPS) on 1 January 2021, to curb the fraudulent checks (Bank Check Fraud) that occur during check payments. Now the bank is going to implement it for the benefit of the customers. Therefore, the bank has appealed to the customers to inform it about the beneficiary in advance regarding the high value check transaction. With this, the bank will not take the customer’s confirmation again at the time of clearing the cheque.