Bhagwant Mann way? Two stand-up comedians join AAP in Rajasthan

Jaipur: It seems that Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann is showing the way as two standup comedians Shyam Rangeela and Khyali Ram Saharan joined the Aam Aadmi Party in Rajasthan on Thursday. Although both of them have said that they have not joined the party to contest the elections.

“I have joined the party for social cause and development and not to contest the election, but if the party insists then I will think about it,” said Shyma Rangeela to the media after joining the part party.

While Khyali Ram said, “I have no interest in politics. I am a social worker and joined this party as it gives priority to social development over politics.’ But on a comic note, he said “yes I started stand-up comedy after Bhagwant Mann. He went to Laughter Challenge and then I joined the show. He joined the AAP and now I have entered the party. He became CM, now let’s see what is written there for me in future.”

Both Shyam and Kyali Ram are from Rajasthan. Shyam is known for his mimicking acts of PM Narendra Modi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. He was in the headlines when he claimed that he was denied shows on TV channels because of his mimicking acts of PM Modi. “I had also campaigned for Modi in 2014 for a change in politics but then I was banned on TV channels in 2017. Now I’ll again campaign for change,” said Shyam.

Khyali Ram is a well-known face on TV and in films. He runs a private military school in his village in the Hanumagarh district and organized free eye camps. “AAP has set a trend that now anyone can think of joining the politics and I feel that if one wants to change the system he should hold the key,” said Khyali Ram.

Controversy on the inauguration of the office

The AAP party falls into controversy on the inauguration of its party office in Jaipur on Thursday. The inauguration was done with Sundarkand Path and Hindu rituals and some of the Muslim party workers objected to it.

They said in the media that this was a party function but the party has made it a religious function and this is not good for the party as workers of religions are associated with it. When the media asked about this controversy to the party in charge Vinay Mishra, he said that it should be taken as a religious function.

We get religious rituals done on such occasions and we are devotees of Hanuman Ji anyway. “We also offered Chadar at Ajmer Dargah and distributed Laddus in Gurudwaras,” said Mishra.