Bhopal: Residential colonies to be sealed to prevent coronavirus outbreak

BHOPAL: The police and administration around the state will soon seal the colonies, as it is a new idea to prevent Covid-19 spread and quarantine people at micro level.

The Indore district administration has started three-day lockdown. In Bhopal from Tuesday, the lockdown came into force as city was divided into four zones and none of them was permitted to cross it.

The district borders have also been sealed. None of them will be permitted to cross the borders.

Now, the formula of locking the people in their colonies is the next step of the administration. One of the officers informed that the formula will be implemented in the state, because people did not follow the lockdown. They come out from their houses for unnecessary reasons.

Now only few vendors of vegetables, milk, hawkers and few more will be permitted to sell the items in the colonies. People will be discouraged to come out from their colonies.

In the next step, people will be pushed into their houses. The police administration is going to depute the police personnel who will see there are no violators.

From Tuesday, along with the state borders, the borders of the districts were sealed. Only the emergency vehicles carrying the essential items were permitted to cross the borders.

Earlier, the government had decided that the designated officials can give the permission to inter- district travel. But now, the government has withdrawn its order.