BJP, Congress doing politics in name of corona pandemic

BHOPAL: The leaders of the BJP, as well as those of the Congress, are issuing statements that, instead of doing politics, everybody should help people in this hour of crisis caused by Covid-19. Yet, they are doing just the opposite of what they are saying. The leaders of both the parties are blaming one another for the lapses in tackling the virus.

The Congress has made an issue of the deaths in Covid-19, its management and other things. The Congress leaders have begun to rip into the ruling party. On the other hand, the BJP has also opened a front against the Congress to reply to its allegations.

After the toolkit incident, the BJP has begun to attack the Congress. The Congress is dressing down the BJP through social media. The Congressís social media team is giving publicity to the negligence that has taken place in the second wave of the pandemic. Apart from that, they are also slamming Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

The social media team of the BJP seems to be weaker than that of Congress. The BJP leaders have begun to issue statements against the Congress leaders. Home minister Narottam Mishra and the partyís state unit president, VD Sharma, are leading the BJPís campaign.

Both former chief ministers, Kamal Nath and Digvijaya Singh are blasting the state government daily.

State secretary of the BJP, Rajneesh Agarwal, says the BJP is involved in doing service to the people. The party has set up Corona Care Centres where patients are being treated.

Congress should say what it has done for the patients instead of blaming the government. According to Agarwal, the Congress has hatched a conspiracy to defame the government. He says that, if the Congress makes false allegations, the BJP will reply back.

The Congressís media coordinator, Narendra Saluja, says that, as the people are in trouble, the Opposition should point out the wrongs of the governmentís decision. Saluja further says that the Congress is not doing any politics at the time of the corona pandemic. Rather, the partyís state president, Kamal Nath, stands by the governmentís decisions. The BJP always thinks otherwise, because the party does not appreciate anything other than politics, he says.