BJP divides society, people gain nothing, says Baghel

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Monday said BJP was involved in dividing society on religious lines by injecting communalism to win power but people gained nothing.

It has adopted same formula in assembly elections about to take place in Uttar Pradesh and other states, he told media here before leaving for Uttarakhand. He accused BJP of following a policy of dividing society on religious and caste lines. The party had created a fear factor but Hindus had not gained anything. But people of Chhattisgarh had rejected their intention which reflects from recent elections including to urban bodies, Baghel said.“You cannot change neighbour or  locality of residence but you can change friends,” he said. “The narrow-minded concept and poison of communalism being injected in society will do more harm. It will only burn houses. The country is of Buddha, Mahaveer, Guru Nanak Dev, Kabir and Gandhi. “For thousands of years message of love and co-existence has been given, which should continue,” he said. The Chief Minister said key issues affecting people were inflation, security of women, farmers, unemployment and youth which are relevant across country. On issue new laws under which Centre proposes to control postings of IAS officers, Baghel said earlier government interfered through Governors.

 Now, the Centre wants to control IAS officials, he said. Already, the deputation is given on basis of state’s consent based on requirement. If direct interference happens, it will affect federal structure as good officers will be shunted out, he said.