BJP raises 10 queries, flays Chhattisgarh govt

The BJP on Wednesday launched a virulent attack on the Chhattisgarh government over its alleged failures in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, raising 10 queries including why people are dying in quarantine centres and why the state is silent over suspected coronavirus deaths.

The probing questions have been titled #Poochta Hai Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh asks).

The first question relates to why there is official silence over suspected coronavirus deaths. The party has cited the reports deaths of three persons, including one who returned from Pune to Bilaspur, of a woman undergoing treatment and of a Covid-19 sample collecting person of Durg.

Why are people dying in quarantine centres? The BJP has pointed out deaths at Cheetapur centre (Mungeli), suicide at Amlipali, Sarangarh (Raigarh), fatal snake bite at Kirna Centre of Mungeli, another suicide at Arjunda Centre in Balod, a third suicide at Phuljhar Lormi, a second snake bite death at Sitakasa centre (Rajnandgaon), death at Semariya (Bemetara), Mulmula (Janjgir-Champa, and two deaths in village panchayat Kokpur centre.

The BJP has also asked why people are running away from quarantine centres. It wants to know the status on allocation of funds for running these centres, and why workers are being directly sent for quarantine without giving them the rapid test.

The BJP has alleged that even Congress leaders and workers are not maintaining social distancing, so how can this be implemented in vegetable markets and liquor shops.

The BJP has raised a question on the reported rejection of the 1,584 samples when within five days 37 positive were reported at Bilaspur.

The opposition party has sought facts on food distribution, saying a hunger strike was reported at ITI Koni (Bilaspur) by 49 migrant workers because they did not get food.

The BJP also asked why around 20 migrant workers have been kept in a single room even after positive cases started emerging.