BJP seeks clarification over cement price hike

Chhattisgarh Leader of Opposition Dharamlal Kaushik has sought clarification from the state government over proposal to hike the cement prices by Rs 25 to Rs 50, alleging that the government is conniving with cement companies.

BJP leader said as per reports the cement companies are putting pressure on the state government to hike prices while the state government is sitting quite raising doubt about its intention.

He alleged “the silence of the state government is baffling as to why it is feeling the heat. Or is it a mode to receive election fund by hitting the pocket of common man.”

He questioned as to why without any valid reason the prices are being hiked as it will directly affect common man’s dream to build house as his budget will overshoot. It will also badly hit the real estate industry.

The real estate industry feels that when cement companies are not at loss then why such a hike is proposed is beyond comprehension. Additional to it the steel and iron industries have not recorded any growth nor have any additional fees imposed on the limestone for the cement industry, he said. “Then why such rise is being initiated raises several doubts which state government should clarify,” the BJP leader demanded.