BJP wants encroachments by Congress leaders be freed

BJP leaders on Wednesday demanded that all land encroachments and illegal constructions by Congress leaders across Chhattisgarh be freed and razed.

Jointly addressing the media, former Ministers Brijmohan Agrawal and Ajay Chandrakar said that Congress leaders have been encroaching government and other lands all over the state.

Apart from it, largescale illegal constructions have been carried out, they said. But officials are not ready to take action due to fear.

Citing Kabir Path seer Prakash Muni’s ashram case in Raipur, the BJP leaders said that encroached construction had covered the ashram premises.

A 22-acre patch of land besides the National Highway, including 2 acres of government grazing land, has been encroached for a housing project.

Such things are happening across the state by Congress leaders, they said.