BJP will bring irrefutable sight on development of Chhattisgarh: Raman Singh

Raipur. Chhattisgarh will complete 25 years of state formation in 2025. The government will bring ‘Navya Chhattisgarh 2025 Atal Vishesh Pattern’ to show how Chhattisgarh will be and where it will be in 25 years, its preparation has started, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that the vision letter will be issued within a month.

For this, every section of society will be consulted. People will also go for opinions. Online opinions can also be given. It was a question that till 2025 you will remain CM On this, Dr. Singh said that who will be CM in 2025? I am not saying this, I am saying that CG will be in 2025.

On the Sunday evening of the Chief Minister, the Chief Minister was confronted by selected senior journalists of the state. During this time, the Chief Minister gave information regarding the development visit of Atal Nagar (New Raipur) with the proposed Atal monument as well as the development journey of the second phase.

In the Absolute Vision letter, there will be a complete tripartite of the state along with future plans. The government will tell that when the BJP came to power in 2003, what was the situation of Chhattisgarh on various parameters of development?

What is the situation in 2018 and what will be the plan and strategy for 2025. It is noteworthy that the first time that New Delhi had said that the government will bring an eye on the vision.

OP has come to the unconditional party
On the question of entry of officers into politics, the CM said that in the democratic system every person has the right to make his own decision. Anyone who comes to our party with good heart is welcome. Referring to OP Choudhary, he said that he has come to the unconditional party. On the question of joining some party membership applications and also joining the officers of the officers, the CM said that the party’s doors are open for the good people.

This will be the goal of ‘Atal Vision Letter’

By 2025, the GSDP of Chhattisgarh will be double than today.

– Per capita income will be included in the five leading states of India.

– Farmers’ income will be doubled.

– Every citizen will have the right to quality medical facilities.

– Everyone will have their own house. Literacy rate will be 100 percent.

– Every child will be entitled to quality education.

– Not everyone will have internet connectivity, not just faucet connections at home.

– Chhattisgarh’s major cities will be connected to the air services.

– Chhattisgarh will not only be the top in inviting entrepreneurship and investment, but will save the best of its cultural heritage and create a great leap of development and become the best state in the country.