BJP’s issue of CD-Jogi not only relied on development, says BJP

Raipur. So far, the BJP has only indicated the need to change its strategy, to make development an issue. BJP is developing development as the basis of the vote, but because of the huge target of seats, the party wants to use the face between the legionary people too.

BJP President Amit Shah on Friday named Ambaniopur and Bilaspur, earlier in the name of Dr. Raman Singh as the future Chief Minister in Bhilai. Although party leaders on record show it the subject of the organization. In the year 2003, the claimants of CM were Dilip Singh Judeo, tribal leader Nandkumar Sah. Then only Dr. Singh was standing in front of the public as the state president.

This change in the BJP, before the battle of ditch for elections, shows that the path is not easy. In the 2003 elections, the BJP had redeemed the then Chief Minister Ajit Jogi instead of one of his leaders. With this, the BJP opened the key to power.

In the election of 2018, the BJP has been working more harder than 2013, and this is the reason why the party veterans have to change their strategy. This strategy also indicates that the party will bring the name of the state Congress chief Bhupesh Baghel repeatedly in favor of Raman and the CD’s for the Congress to cut votes in elections. Shah tried to mention the CD scandal in a very effective manner in Friday’s speech. He gave tips to the workers engaged in the booth management to go home- to bring the party issues to the public.

The way the party is serious on issues will not be astonishing as it is when BJP leaders’ speeches are included in the name of former Chief Minister and Jankhch’s founder Ajit Jogi. Actually, the BJP wants to inspire voters to decide on the faces and not decide on them. Jogi had a long back in the Chief Minister’s speech last month in Marwahi. In his first speech after the alliance from BSP, Raman had to mention Jogi’s name.

Are worried Shah
Shah has thrown Raman’s dice, but has seen very worried about the assembly elections. This is why he has asked booth workers to work to win more seats than the target. Their goal is to reach the booth workers at home, so that the candidate gets the benefit of the contact. How much of his formula would be effective, nothing can be said right now.

Jogi pukke with elephants and hull, Congress still in confusion
After the alliance with BSP, Ajit Jogi has been presented as the future Chief Minister. Difficulties are not getting reduced in Congress on the other hand. First state President Baghel looked the most powerful, but the image has changed after the formation of the core committee. Now CM contenders are in the core committee, they are also outside the committee. In such a situation, it will be impossible for the Congress to bring one face to face in elections.