‘Breaking Covid chain needs everyone’s help’

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has called upon the people of the state and said that Corona is a big threat to humanity. The only way to control the corona is to break the chain of infection. This work is not possible without the cooperation of all. We cannot keep things closed for long; public life also has to be normalised. So, stop everything till the 15th of May.

Strictly follow public curfew and break the chain of infection. The marriages and weddings should be postponed. Stop the work of MNREGA in the villages where there is a single corona patient, Chouhan has appealed for everyone’s cooperation in this work.

Chouhan has said that Kill Corona campaign is being carried out in every village and city to eradicate the corona. Under the campaign, after conducting door-to-door surveys in rural areas, patients are being identified and treatment is started immediately, Covid help centres are being set up in urban areas, arrangements are being made for check up, distribution of medical kits etc.

The Chief Minister said that the government will provide free treatment for corona immediately to the poor, common people and middle-class people as well. For this, the government is starting the scheme from tomorrow itself. The package is being announced under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana. The government will contract with private hospitals. CT scan, tests etc. will also be free of charge.

Chouhan said that corona has been controlled in Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh was seventh in the country in the Corona infection, now it has come to the fourteenth position. The state’s weekly positivity rate is 19.8%, while the recovery rate has improved to 85.13%. The supply of oxygen has become sufficient in the state. The number of beds has increased to more than 63 thousand. I.C.U. beds are also being increased.

He said that like districts, Crisis Management Groups should be set up in district panchayats that must include MLAs, SDMs, CEO janpads, social workers etc. Legislators should lead this task.

Chouhan said that people coming to the villages from outside should not be allowed to enter without check up and quarantine. In this way, make my village a corona free village and my area a corona free zone.