BRT-257 holds event to laud efforts of youngsters during Covid 2nd wave in Bhopal

The youngsters are taking the lead to help people in Covid time. To commomorate thier hardwork and persistence, an event was organised on Tuesday. The event was organized by Bhopal Round Table BRT-257. Under the leadership of Tabler Mayank Kapoor, Chairman of BRT-257, the service work done by Table in the year 2020 -2021 was appreciated.

Notably, during the second wave of Covid-19, BRT-257, donated 50 beds at Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat.

Apart from this, 400 ration packets and 5 tonnes of flour were distributed to the needy and poor, which cost about Rs 5 lakh Continuing this initiative, 1 month’s ration was distributed to over 100 families who had lost their loved ones due to COVID-19 and were the only source of livelihood for the family.

Besides, during the lockdown, 17000 vegetable seeds planted in 2500 square feet area and vegetables grown from it were distributed to Gurudwara and needy poor people.

Expanding its community services, BRT started the vaccination campaign at Podar International School. Along with this, with the special efforts of Chairman Tabler Mayank Kapoor, free artificial limbs were arranged for the disabled people who have lost their legs in an accident, so that they can walk again on their feet and earn their livelihood.