Campaign for mission green city commendable, says Chief Minister

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan planted Peepal, Neem and Kachnar saplings in Smart Garden along with News-24 TV channel’s Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh Chairman Namit Jain and other associates.

CM Chouhan said that the campaign for Mission Green City launched by the channel is commendable. He congratulated and extended best wishes for the success of the campaign. CM Chouhan said that the initiative to plant saplings in this campaign along with the daughters is amazing. This will give a new dimension to plantation. Our daughters are admirable. We all have to make efforts to give them full cooperation.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that saplings should also be planted on the birthdays and marriage anniversaries of the family members. Let us resolve that together we will make a better Earth. The work that the society and the media are doing together for the coming generations is commendable. Along with the Chief Minister, Karthik Naik of the Iranicalas Institute and his colleagues, students of Journalism University and other TV journalists also planted saplings. The short film on cleanliness made by the organisation has been rewarded by the Municipal Corporation Bhopal with the first prize.

Chief Minister Chouhan was also presented with pictures made by two girls and special congratulatory letters outlining CM Chouhan’s concern for environment. The Chief Minister appreciated the institution’s love for environment.

CM Chouhan said that a special picture has been prepared and sent to him by daughters Pooja and Poonam, in which the message “Save Tree” is printed. Now small children are also joining this campaign. I appeal to keep up this awareness and work together to protect the environment.

Enriched with the antibiotic elements, the neem planted today is known as the supreme medicine. Peepal is a shady tree. It purifies the environment. It has religious and Ayurvedic significance.

Kachnar is a beautiful flowering tree. Small or medium height trees of Kachnar are found everywhere in India. Nature has made many plants and trees full of medicinal properties, among them Kachnar is one.