Cement price hike during slowdown surprising: BJP

Cement industry is one such industry in state which flourishes in the state here owing to the abundance of its raw material. The issue of hike in cement price nowadays amid ongoing economic slowdown is baffling everyone.

Leader of Opposition Dharamlal Kaushik slammed the move of state government to hike the price. He sees it as a kind of levy as an election fund during ensuing rural polls.

While talking to The Pioneer Kaushik alleged the present move of the state government will certainly hamper the need of reviving the real estate sector and the commitment of it of providing affordable houses especially to homeless.

The state government is taking away money from pockets of common people indirectly, he said while referring to recent rise in cement rise in the state.

However, a senior official in cement industry on the condition of anonymity said presently the cement industry is in jeopardy and a few companies are on the verge of closure or selling off which might have an impact on the employment sector.

“The cement industry is a capital-intensive industry, and without adequate capital infusion the industry can’t flourish. In the current business environment, it might not make business sense to make large investments that might be required”, he said.