Central and state governments failed in vaccination, alleges Kamal Nath

BHOPAL: Former chief minister and state Congress chief Kamal Nath has said that the central and state government have failed in their vaccination drive. The state government has admitted that it requires 5.29 crore doses of vaccine, but the state has only 11 lakh doses.

Now, the state government is talking about global tenders for vaccine, whereas the other states that have floated global tenders have failed in their efforts. ìWhen will the vaccine arrive? Only God knows,î commented Nath.

Moreover, the government announced a vaccination drive for people of between 18 and 44 years of age, as well, but, considering the availability of vaccines, it will take years for people to get vaccinated.

ìThe Union government has exported 6.6 crore vaccines to 80 nations while people of our own country have been deprived of it,î said Nath.

Nath said that patients of black fungus infection were increasing every day with a high death toll, but the government could not even provide the life-saving injection. It only wants to end the lockdown to open liquor shops, Nath said.