Charging Raman Singh of being involved in corruption : Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi/Raipur, Nov 10 (IECurrentAffairs) Charging Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh of being involved in corruption, Congress president Rahul Gandhi alleged that no action had been taken by the state government on the chit fund scam and the PDS scam.

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Addressing a public rally at Kanker , Rahul said no action was taken in the chit fund scam because of the direct involvement of the CM.

‘’Modi ji says he’s fighting against corruption. But when he comes to Chhattisgarh he doesn’t tell you the Chief Minister is corrupt. Your Rs 5000 Cr disappeared in chit-fund scam, 310 FIRs were registered but no action was taken because the CM was involved,’’ Rahul said.

Attacking the State government on the PDS scam, he said,’’ Rs 36,000 Cr of the people of Chhattisgarh was looted. Diary mili, diary mein likha tha ‘CM Madam ko paisa diya. Dr Sahab ko paisa diya.'(A diary was found in which it was written that ‘CM madam was given the money and Dr Sahab was given the money). I ask Raman Singh ji who is this CM Madam and Dr Sahab whose names were found in the diary in connection with the scam.’’

Rahul also asked the Chief Minister why no action has been taken against his son, whose name appeared in Panama papers.

‘’The Chief Minister should explain why no action has been taken against his son, whose name appeared in Panama papers? In Pakistan the PM is jailed because his name appeared in Panama papers,’’Rahul said.

Charging the CM of ‘stealing’ from the people and helping 15-20 of rich industrialist friends, he said,’’

Chhattisgarh is a prosperous state, but the BJP govt steals from the people and helps 15-20 of rich industrialist friends. ‘’

Attacking the chief Minister of failing to fulfil the promises made to farmers, he said,’’chief minister Raman Singh had promised MSP of Rs 2100 for paddy, but today, farmers get only Rs 1500. Congress government will provide MSP of Rs 2500 for paddy. We will also give bonus to farmers that BJP promised and failed to fulfill.’’

He also assured people that the Congress, when it comes to power, will enforce Tribal Rights Act, PESA Act and Land Acquisition Act that protects farmers’ and Aadivasis’ land.