Chhattisgarh: Before the arrival of Shah, Dr. Raman-Kaushik will take 90 assembly report today

Raipur. Prior to the visit of BJP national President Amit Shah in Chhattisgarh, Chief Minister Raman Singh and state President Dharmal Kaushik will take the report of all the 90 Vidhan Sabha seats on Thursday. A meeting of the Assembly Charges will start from 11 am in the BJP office at the Integrated Campus.

This will include the state organization Mahan Pawan Sai and the state office bearers. In the BJP preparations for the assembly elections, the rounds of meetings are continuing with constant reflection and churning. Amit Shah’s visit to the meeting and the second phase of the development visit will be discussed.

Amit Shah’s Mission 65 Plus has been called to report to the Assembly Chargeholders. It will also discuss new candidates, including the election equation in the assembly, the performance of the legislators, the possibility of the victory of legislators on getting the ticket again. Amit Shah can come to Chhattisgarh on 4th or 5th September if he believes in the highly placed sources of BJP. Shah’s last event has not yet been released.

It is being told that Amit Shah will communicate with all the power centers in the state. At the same time, they will also review each seat. BJP’s top officials said that in the first phase, Amit Shah can also finalize the final seal in the name of candidates of 35 seats. In view of this, the reports of the Assembly Charges have been recruited.

Chaudhary’s Airport to Welcome to Integrated Campus

Former IAS Opp Chaudhary is reaching Chhattisgarh on Thursday after joining the BJP. OP Chaudhary will return with the Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh. In such a situation, the whole party has prepared for his grand welcome.

Workers of the BJYUY will be welcomed from the airport to the Integrated Campus along with the drums and rumblings. BJP spokesperson Sanjay Srivastava said that after returning to Raipur, OP Chaudhary will show the first activation in Kharsia. They can also leave from Raipur to Kharsia.