Chief Minister plants Saptaparni and Kadamba saplings

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan planted Saptaparni and Kadamba saplings along with representatives of Dishanjali Education and Welfare Society at Smart Garden on Thursday. Along with Chief Minister Chouhan, Ankit Singh, Sushri Soumya Goyal, Vikas Saxena and Ajay Kumar Patidar of the society planted saplings.

Chouhan is continuously motivating the general public for tree plantation.

The Chief Minister plants trees every day with social organisations, voluntary organisations and people working in the field of environment protection with the aim of making tree plantation a mass movement to protect from the dangers of global warming. Dishanjali Education and Welfare Society has been working for the last seven years for education, social awareness, tree plantation, economic upliftment and to provide various facilities to the people of the lower strata of the society.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan called upon the representatives of the organisation to run an awareness campaign in view of the possibilities of third wave of corona. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that it is necessary to constantly motivate people to adopt the practice of using masks and maintaining social distance along with getting immunized.

The organisation helped in keeping the needy children connected with education when schools were closed during the corona period. Due to the efforts of the organisation, many children were successful in getting admission in Navodaya and Excellent schools. Food, water and other necessary materials were provided by the organisation to the needy people during the corona period. So far, the organisation has also succeeded in planting more than two thousand trees organically.