Chouhan mentions Ujjain’s unique public participation

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, while talking about the record of lakhs of diyas being lit in Ujjain on March 1 with public cooperation said, that this is a historic achievement of the state. An amazing example of public participation was witnessed in Ujjain on this day. Before the meeting of the Council of Ministers in Mantralaya on Thursday,

Chief Minister Chouhan told that apart from more than 11 lakh diyas on the ghats of river Kshipra, lamps were also lit in every house. If the actual count of diyas is done, it will be more than twenty five lakhs. Entire Ujjain was lit up. He said that any work can be reshaped with public participation anywhere in the village and city. The festival of Mahashivratri was unique and beautiful in Ujjain.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that every village and city’s Pride Day should be celebrated for which the ministers should prepare a roadmap. Every citizen must have this feeling of pride for his city and village, the pace of development should be accelerated, new dimensions of public welfare should be established through public participation.

For this, a programme should be organized with ministers leading the way. Chief Minister Chouhan said that he is excited by the experience of birthdays and Gaurav Diwas of Jait village and Ujjain. Similar programmes should be organized for other villages and cities also.