CM alerts people of possible third wave

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has appealed to take all necessary measures against corona in the wake of the possibility of a third wave of corona. Wear a mask, clean your hands from time to time and keep the necessary distance from others. Cases of new variants of corona are being reported in some countries. As of now there is no information of its presence in India, but precautions are necessary. This appeal has been made by Chouhan to the people of the State through social media. The Chief Minister has also tweeted to this effect.

The Chief Minister has said in the appeal that Covid vaccine must be administered. It is our priority to administer both the doses of vaccine to all the citizens of the State by the month of December. This is the most effective way to prevent corona. Right now there will be no ban on public programs, but the people of the State must follow all the rules and precautions to prevent infection.

Chouhan has said that the surveillance rules of the Government of India will be strictly followed in respect of passengers coming to Madhya Pradesh from other countries. Chouhan has appealed to the people coming from other countries to be cooperative. Chouhan said that those who notice even the slightest symptoms of infection, should get tested immediately. He urged people not to be careless, and to follow all necessary rules to prevent the spread of infection.