CM Bhupesh Baghel and Raman Singh in Tweet war

Raipur. Before the Lok Sabha elections, the battle between the Congress and the BJP’s top leaders is getting stronger in the social media. Former Chief Minister and BJP’s National Vice-President Dr. Raman Singh tweeted on the victory of 68 Congress MLAs that if the numbers increase, why have the Siyars conquered ‘Singh’? He says that Raman has been disturbed by the scam and corruption scandal, which is why he is not avoiding even the public’s elected representatives to call him a jackal.

At the same time, Chief Minister and state Congress chief Bhupesh Baghel tweeted that the film is just a trailer, think how the whole picture will be. BJP national president Dr. Singh’s tweet has been posted with the video. In it there is a point in pointing to the investigation of the case, that the truth of this flame of change has come to fruition?

Even if the number has increased in number, has the Ciyars conquered the “lion”? Rice to the poor is an offense in your eyes. Do my tribal brothers remember to eat the seeds of Sarai? Dr. Raman has indicated that he He is not afraid of investigation, he has written, giving food to hungry, if counted in my crime, then take a million steps, and this crime will be done again.

Dr. Singh has said that the Congress is not changing, but the government is changing instead. On this, he has written that what we will do in the scales of my malice, we have served for years, will we speak anything on that?

Dr. Singh also questioned the Congress manifesto, saying that you have reached with false promises, now it is a turn to fulfill them. Congress’s state chief minister Shailesh Nitin Trivedi has objected to the word “Sier” on Dr. Singh’s tweet, saying that Raman was the first accused of corruption and now the speech has become guilty of losing control. Nans scam in the name of poor people, provided money to their loved relatives.

The non-scandal layers are fluttering, then it is understood that the BJP government has not been able to bring the grain to the poor, but it was engaged in making the fat commission. For this reason, the real face of Raman is revealed, there is anger and resentment among the BJP workers along with the people of the state.

In order to answer Dr. Singh’s line that you have reached the “false promises, now it is a turn to complete”, Chief Minister Baghel has tweeted the Congress farmers’ vote of thanksgiving on Monday. When the farmer is happy, the whole country is happy, seeing the warmth of the farmers, we have got a new energy. The smile of millions of farmers’ faces is telling us that we are in the right direction. Eat, now is just the trailer.