CM felicitates personalities of State selected for Padma award

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that Madhya Pradesh government will start ‘Madhya Pradesh Ratna’, ‘Madhya Pradesh Gaurav’ and ‘Madhya Pradesh Shri’ awards from this year. This year these awards will be given in the month of November. These awards will be given to those who have done outstanding work in the fields of art, culture, literature, science, medicine, education etc.

Chouhan was felicitating the personalities of the state who were selected for Ram Sahai Padma Shri award this year and who have received Padma awards in the previous years at his residence. Chouhan felicitated the Padma award recipients of this year (announcement to honour them Padma Samman was made on January 26), Late Dr NP Mishra (his son Sunil Mishra), Durgabai Vyam, Arjun Singh Dhurve and Pt Ram Sahai Pandey.

Along with this, the personalities of Madhya Pradesh, Bhajju Shyam, Vijay Dutt Shridhar, Kapil Tiwari and Bhuribai, who were honoured with Padma Awards in the last years, were also honored.

The Chief Minister said that earlier Padma Awards were given by the Government of India in limited areas, but after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, Padma Awards are being given to the persons who have done excellent works in various fields. Earlier this honour was limited to the elite class, now every section of the society is getting this honour. Prime Minister Narendra Modi deserves thanks for this.

Chouhan said that on behalf of the people of Madhya Pradesh, he is feeling proud while honouring the dignitaries who have received Padma awards on Friday.

Chouhan said that he has been hearing the name of Late Dr NP Mishra since childhood. When someone used to fall ill in his village Jait, they used to say go to Bhopal to show to Dr NP Mishra. In the medical field, he made the state and the country proud at the international level.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that Bhajju Shyam and  Durgabai Vyam are distinguished names in the field of Gondi painting. Their art is being appreciated all over the world. There is also a Gondi painting at my door. Their paintings based on nature and folk arts are very special.

Chouhan said that Arjun Singh Dhurve has an invaluable contribution in giving special recognition to the tribal culture. Dance is a symbol of our culture. Tribal brothers live in today, don’t care about tomorrow. Whenever I go to the tribal area, I also dance a little with Arjun Singh Dhurve and other tribal artists. Chouhan said that Ram Sahai Pandey has given new form and respect to Rai dance.

He has suffered a lot to get this dance recognised in the world.