CM inaugurates O2 plant at Raisen civil hospital

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that with the support of people, we have countered corona crisis. We have successfully faced the most difficult situations with public cooperation, be it oxygen supply or the provision of medicines and injections, .

Chouhan while expressing gratitude to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said that at the time of shortage of oxygen, the Prime Minister continued the supply of oxygen in the State by running oxygen rail and transporting empty oxygen tankers by Air Force planes. Chouhan said that many families have lost their heads in the crisis of corona. The State Government has made every effort to help such families.

Government employees have been given compassionate appointments. Arrangements have also been made for the necessary financial assistance and education etc of the children who became orphan.

The Chief Minister was inaugurating the oxygen plant set up with public cooperation at Begumganj Civil Hospital in Raisen district from his residence. Public Health and Family Welfare Minister Prabhuram Choudhary, MP Ramakant Bhargava, MLA and former Minister Rampal Singh were also present in the programme organised at Begumganj Civil Hospital.

The oxygen plant installed at the Civil Hospital, Begumganj in Raisen district has a capacity of 100 LPM. Through this, uninterrupted supply of oxygen in 15 beds will be possible. The cost of the oxygen plant is around Rs. 29 lakh. For this, 165 donors have provided support.

Chouhan expressed gratitude to the donors for the initiative of setting up oxygen plant in Begumganj with public cooperation. Chouhan said that the donors have provided the basis to give life to the people. Chouhan said that so far 163 oxygen plants have been set up in the state, which has ensured the production of 182 metric tonnes of oxygen. Now in the event of the arrival of the third wave of corona, we will not have to wander anywhere for oxygen.

Chouhan said that the state has been able to control the infection of corona virus on the basis of the activism of disaster management committees and people-participation model. We still have to continue to be careful. Chouhan expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Modi for providing free vaccine. Chouhan said that it is necessary to ensure that no person is deprived of the vaccine. Those who have got the first vaccine, they must get the second vaccine in time. Along with this, constant adherence to corona friendly behaviour is also necessary.