CM offers tips to students how to focus on exam

In the seventh episode of his monthly radio programme ‘Lokvaani’, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel affectionately addressed the children on the topic ‘Exam Management and Dimensions of Career for Youth’.

Chief Minister told children to utilize their time in positive manner, to keep their diet light and go for little exercise as well.

Chief Minister advised children to stay away from distractions such as mobile phones, television etc, so as to give rest to eyes and mind.

Baghel said that children should give their best to prepare for the exams, because it’s the effort that matters more than the score.

While giving tips to children about stress and time management during exams, he advised parents to not pressurize children to score higher marks, and rather help them in their preparation by being supportive.

Children from various cities and villages across the state asked questions to Chief Minister, to which he responded affectionately one after the other. He said that he wished he could spend maximum time talking to children, as it reminds him of his childhood.

Overcome Fear, Be Confident in your Hard Work

Baghel encouraged children by saying that the ones, who aim to fly, do not fear falling off. Chief Minister gave tips to overcome anxiety and fear by saying that one should at first understand the psychology of this fear.

Rs Rs The more you think about your fears, it would become more difficult to start overcoming it. The question is not just fear of studying, it is about the choice whether you want to be courageous or you want to be stuck in fear. Certainly, everyone always wants to be identified as brave. I feel, the main reason behind fear is lack of preparation, and second biggest reason is one is afraid to expect more that they have worked for. One should develop the habit of factual and logical way of thinking. Instead of stressing about the time that is gone, one should focus on utilizing the time available in the best possible manner. One should keep their diet lighter, and go for mild exercises during exam time, and also stay away from mobile phones, television so as to give rest to eyes and mind,’’ the chief minister advised to students.

Create a Time-Table to Study

Baghel advised children to not burden themselves with all the study material, and instead make time table, which will help you to focus on one subject at a time.

Besides, one should also find time to do some work of their interest, like humming a song, prayers or bit of sports/exercise. There are various such measures to keep the fear at bay and stay motivated.

In response to a question by student Sahil Rizvi, Baghel said, Rs Rs I have always believed that one should give their best while preparing and leave the rest’’. Answering question to Mukesh Sahu’s question, Chief Minister said that there is no doubt that with limited resources, it is difficult to manage. But I’d like to say only one thing, you should focus on studies and continue to make your parents proud, said Chief Minister to Mukesh, who comes from a labourer family.

Children requested Chief Minister to address parents and advise them on helping reduce stress during exam time. Chief Minister advised parents to treat children with affection and be supportive, especially during exam time, as they need it.