CM on his b’day appeals citizens to plant saplings

In a message to all citizens, of the State, on the eve of his birthday, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has made an appeal to all to plant saplings. Chouhan said that March 5 is my birthday. It is always my endeavour to ensure that every moment of my life is meaningful, not for ourselves but we should work for our own people and our people of the state.

Chouhan further said that we are already doing meaningful work through the government, but then it came to my mind that occasions like birthdays should also be made purposeful. Earth is our mother. She gives us everything, but we also have to give something back to her. With this purpose in mind, I have pledged to plant one plant every day for a year.

Chouhan said that the indiscriminate felling of trees is causing severe damage to the environment. The surface temperature of the Earth is increasing steadily and it is estimated that by the year 2050 it will increase by 2 degree Celsius. Then the conditions will be such in future that the very existence of human beings and animals on Earth will be at stake. We should take this impending crisis seriously and make meaningful efforts to save the environment from today itself. Adorning Mother Earth with trees is an effective means of protecting the environment. I pray to all of you to plant a tree on auspicious occasions. It is a matter of immense joy that the forest area in Madhya Pradesh is increasing. Efforts must be made to extend the forest area. We will plant trees not only for ourselves, but also for the state, country and the world.

The Chief Minister said that it is my request to all not to celebrate my birthday with flowers and bouquets, instead saplings should be planted. Saplings may not necessarily be planted on my birthday. You can plant a sapling on any auspicious occasion of your life. Trees give oxygen, and oxygen gives life. Hence tree is also life. I will celebrate my birthday by planting saplings.