CM plants Banyan, Neem and Kachnar saplings

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Friday planted Banyan, Neem and Kachnar saplings in the Smart City Garden. Suyash Kulshrestha, Hina Arshad, Sushri Aashi Archit, Ajay Verma and Rupak Rao of the Ideal Society for Interior Designer participated in the plantation.

Tree plantation and sanitation related activities are being conducted by the society. All the members plant saplings on their birthdays and of their family members and they also fulfill the responsibility of taking care of the planted saplings.

The banyan planted today has religious and medicinal significance. According to Ayurveda, the treatment of many diseases is possible with the help of banyan leaves, bark etc. Drinking its decoction boosts the immunity. Abundant in antibiotic elements, Neem is known as the ultimate medicine. Kachnar is a beautiful flowering tree. Nature has made many plants and trees that are rich in medicinal properties, among them Kachnar is one.

The leaves, stems and flowers of this tree, which is laden with flowers after mid-March, are all useful. Kachnar is considered as one of the most beautiful and useful trees.