CM reiterates of not signing NRC documents

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel reiterated that he will not sign the NRC documents on Thursday while supporting a protest of tribal people against the NRC, NPR and CAA.

The Chief Minister made the statement while addressing a protest rally held at indoor stadium Raipur.

“NRC had started from Assam. After spending Rs 1600 crore in past 10 years, NRC was implemented following which 19 lakh people were told that they were not the citizens of India,” Baghel said while adding that NRC is being implemented without asking the people of India.

The Chief Minister claimed that the state government had received communication from Union government over implementation of National Population Register (NPR).

“It has provisions of several documents and requires proof for proving a person’s citizenship. You will have to tell the date and place of birth of your parents,” he said.

The Chief Minister reminded that about 40 per cent of Chhattisgarh’s population live below poverty line. They keep on changing place in search of work. Most of them are trial people. Chhattisgarh will be widely affected by it, he claimed.

“If NRC comes into force, I will be the first person not to sign it,” he reiterated.