CM reviews law & order in State

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that law and order should be made better in the State. Under no circumstances should criminals be spared. Smart policing system should be made better and more effective. Chouhan was addressing the Inspectors General of Police and Superintendents of Police at Mantralaya on Monday through video conferencing.

Reviewing law and order situation, Chouhan said that even the identified offences come under the category of serious crimes. The percentage of punishment in such offences should be increased. He said that immediate action should be taken against the usurers. Action should be taken by implementing the future action plan of cyber crime and cyber security at the earliest. The National Counter Drone Policy should be prepared as per the instructions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Best practices for standardization of hardware should be identified and maintenance of CCTV system should be ensured. Action should be taken in the issues of foreigners staying past visa period. He said that the organizations that spread enmity and break the society should be identified.

Collectors-SPs must make regular joint visits to streamline the administrative system in the border areas. Necessary action must be taken under the Police Technology Mission constituted at the national level. Drone based surveillance and technology must be made use of in anti-Naxal operations. In such areas, benefits of government schemes must be provided on priority while behaving sensitively, so that people do not get dissatisfied. Work in the form of a campaign for this.

Chouhan gave instructions to effectively prevent and bring down crime graph in the state. He said that swift action should be taken and fear must be instilled in the criminals. He directed to make the best use of the available resources. Property related offences must be properly analyzed and effective action must be taken.

Chouhan directed the SPs of weak performing districts to take effective action against crimes on the basis of overall evaluation of the districts. He said that justice should be ensured.

The Chief Minister directed to take action by running a campaign for the recovery of missing boys and girls. He said that bandit gangs are the enemies of the society, against whom effective action should be ensured. He said dacoits should not be allowed to thrive at any cost.

He said that crimes against women will not be tolerated in the state. Crime against women is shameful. Such crimes must be analyzed and effective action must be taken. The work of honoring real heroes has started in the state in order to ensure women’s safety, to prevent crimes against them and to generate public awareness. This must continue.