CM reviews ‘Yoga se Nirog’ campaign, says Yoga vital for isolated patients

Amid a second wave of Covid-19, a medical expert stressed the need for counselling for people in rural areas of Chhattisgarh to help them overcome the fear of the pandemic.

Senior Doctor and President of Hospital Board Dr Rakesh Gupta told The Pioneer that an awareness drive is needed to take the ruralites into confidence and to tell them not to panic.

Asked if the situation could become serious in rural areas which lack health infrastructure, the doctor said: “Hospitals are not that much needed, rather social counselling is. Identification of infectious persons and home isolation is what we need at this hour.” He added: “The situation is still under control and there is nothing to worry.” Meanwhile, according to the Health Ministry, till Sunday the state has 123,835 active cases and 7,310 deaths.

The worst affected Raipur accounts for 15,209 active cases and 2,068 deaths. Durg takes the second spot with 11,231 cases and 1,241 deaths.