CM visits filtration camp to see Kalbelia art works

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan observed the filtration camp organized on the handicraft skills of Kalbelia community. In the camp organized at the Tribal Museum, Chief Minister Chouhan observed Gudadi, Bead Jewellery, Glass Art Work, Surma (antimony)and indigenous cuisine Crafted by the Kalbelia community.

Principal Secretary Culture and Public Relations Shiv Shekhar Shukla apprised Chief Minister Chouhan that Kalbelia community is skilled in making other clothes along with Gudadi. The fashion designers will be engaged to the artists of the community for the designing of Gudadi and other garments crafted by this community. Marketing activities will be conducted through fashion designers. These activities are being conducted with the aim of increasing the income of the community. Their products will also be sold through the Chinhari Souvenir Shop of Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum.

Furnishings and other necessities of life such as bead jewellery, artistic work on glass, antimony, Herbs-Shrubs and Stone Mounting are also artistically done by the community. Efforts have also been started to establish these products as craft art and to make it acceptable by promoting it in the urban society. Eleven artists of Kalbelia community from Rajasthan have been invited to impart training to the artists of Madhya Pradesh in these works. In the first art camp, 30 artists of the state are being trained.

It is noteworthy that there are 30 nomadic, semi-nomadic and Vimukt castes residing in the state. The cultural tradition of these tribes has not been studied in any way so far. His art features have not even been depicted. The Department of Culture has started work to establish the art and artistic talent of such communities as a craft tradition.

A series of art camps have been started focusing on the motifs of the ethnic specificity of these communities. As the first camp, with the aim to highlight the crafting of Gudadi of Kalbelia nomadic tribe of Madhya Pradesh, the art camp has started from August 25, which will continue till September 03, 2021 at the Tribal Museum.