Cong leaders keep speaking against Hindu, Hindutva: Narottam Mishra

The Home Minister Narottam Mishra came heavily on Congress leaders for continuously speaking against Hindutva and Hindu religion and said that all the elderly Congress leaders , including senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh, do not fail to take chance to degrade Hindus and their religion and why is he doing this continuously and under what conspiracy, the country should now understand.

Home minster Mishra said that till date people witnessed elderly Congress and other leaders including Digvijay Singh speaking against Hindutva and Hindu religion.
The leaders of Congress try to create and impose hypothetical things at times they would tell Lord Ram and Ram Setu as imaginary, sometimes defaming Hindus in front of the world by bringing a new definition of Hindu and saffron terrorism.

These leaders should clarify under what conspiracy they are working day and night to defame Hinduism. He said that these Congress leaders never uttered a word against any other religion.
Do they see all the evils in Hinduism only?

The Home Minister said that the people of the country will have to understand the conspiracy of these elderly Congressmen.

They are working on well-thought-out conspiracy by weakening the Hindu religion and defaming the saints, which is meant to break the society and weaken the country. It seems everyone has to understand this thing now as projected propaganda.