Congress expresses objection to Raman App telling government’s plans

A code of conduct has been introduced in Chhattisgarh and all the hoardings and banner posters installed on government expenditure have gone away, but the Raman app, which is easily installed in any mobile play store, is now on target of the opposition. The Opposition has made an eye on the Raman App, which tells Chief Minister Raman Singh’s public life, his achievements and plans on mobile.

Actually, during the election code of conduct in the election, the opposition is not keeping repeat of its old mistakes and monitoring all the activities of the party. This is the reason that through any available available on the Play Store, Raman App is preparing to surround the ruling party from commission to ground level. Congress state chief Jaywardhan Bissha says that the application should be disabled until the election. Because it is being praised by a group and person special.

Now, in the election year, the BJP is dreaming of Mission 65, it has to answer every question of the Lalit Congress Party for the return of power. Because the opportunity is for the election, BJP has its own plea for this preparation of Congress. BJP spokesperson Shrichand Sundarani says that this app is already in place and it has been brought in to the public for the benefit of government schemes. The Congress is making this issue of unnecessary issue.

In the changing India, the BJP, which is preparing the digital India blueprint, will have to get caught in high tech ways like its own Raman App. This may not be thought of by the BJP even though the time is electoral and the congressional victory is being made.