Congress leader Rahul Gandhi warns Centre over coronavirus, economy; says ‘a tsunami is coming’

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday (March 17) warned the Centre, saying that it should prepare itself for coronavirus as well as the economic slowdown, adding that a tsunami is coming.

The Congress MP made the statement at a time when 126 people have been infected with the deadly virus in India and three patients have died of it. “The Indian economy is going to be devastated. You have no idea the painful thing the country has suffered and it is coming. It is like a tsunami is coming,” Rahul Gandhi told the media.

The former Congress president also talked about the devastating tsunami which hit the Indian Ocean in 2004 and said, “The water is going to come and I have been warning the government … They are fooling about, they are not clear about what they have to do. India should be preparing itself not just for Covid-19 but for the economic devastation that is coming.”

“I am saying it again and again… I am sorry to say our people are going to go through unimaginable pain in the next six months,” he added.

Notably, Rahul Gandhi has been repeatedly attacking the BJP-led government at Centre over its response to the coronavirus outbreak. He had slammed the government for the bloodbath in the markets over coronavirus fears on Friday, claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi government is in a stupor.

“I will keep repeating this. The coronavirus is a huge problem. Ignoring the problem is a non solution,” Gandhi had said in his tweet.