Congress leader sends ointment to home minister for relief from jalan, read jealousy here

Bhopal : Use Burnol. This is popular saying in social media parlance between BJP supporters and others. Taking it to next level, Congress ordered to sen two tubes of Burnol (ointment used for relief from burns) to home minister Narottam Mishra on Saturday.

Congress spokesperson Narendra Saluja said Burnol has been sent to Mishra to provide him relief from ‘jalan’ (it means burns but used for jealousy here). “I have ordered delivery of 2 tubes of Burnol through Amazon at Mishra’s residence,” said Saluja.

“One tube of ointment is from (chief minister) Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s side for daily use as Mishra could not become the chief minister and Shivraj is beating him regularly in his political games,” Saluja remarked.

“Second tube is from former chief minister Kamal Nath as Mishra is too jealous of Kamal Nath and use of Burnol will provide him relief,” he added.

According to Saluja, when Congress had issued statement criticising Scindia (when he quit), Narottam Mishra had said that he will send Burnol to Congress as the party was jealous of Scindia.

“This is in reply to Mishra’s then statement. Narottam’s differences with Shivraj Singh Chouhan are out in open and Mishra is more in need of relief ointment Burnol now,” added Saluja.